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Listen to what a provider like you said about working with SafeinHome

Partner With Us

Listen to what providers like you said about working with SafeinHome.

Hi There!

My name is Jessica, and I am really looking forward to getting to know you.

Like you, my goal is to provide adults with disabilities the support services they need to live a more fulfilling life.  I am here to answer any questions you may have regarding how we can do that together.  You can reach me at 804-761-3713.

In the meantime, meet some of our clients to hear how SafeinHome has changed their lives.


Meet Remote Supports Users



Stacey and Emily

Benefits of Partnership

Shift Coverage

Remote Supports operates as a stand-alone service or integrated with in-person support. Morning, evening, overnight, or all day.



Every interaction with the person supported is documented to help meet compliance requirements.


Staff Efficiency

Integrating Remote Supports allows for placement of in-person staff where they are crucially needed.

Some Questions We Get From Providers Like You

Will I lose income if people are using Remote Support Services?

Not at all.  When providing Remote Supports services. you still bill the state at the standard rate.   You will then pay Remote Supports Services – which is typically a lower rate.  Please connect with us for more details on how this works.

Who is liable during Remote Supports Service Hours?

When using Remote Supports Services,  SafeinHome is responsible and is liable during Remote Supports hours.  We create MUI reports and comply with the state’s Medicaid rules and regulations.

How do you provide support services if you are off-site?

Utilizing a combination of technology and remote support staff, SafeinHome can be there when needed either by routine check-ins, call-ins or technology alerts.  This allows individuals with disabilities to live in the home of their choosing, maintain their independence and privacy and feel safe that they have someone to rely on when needed.

Partner With Us

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