About Us

Our Mission

To empower people to live independently in their own homes & communities.

Our Vision

To Make The Dream Of Independence Real

Who We Are

SafeinHome has been dedicated to supporting the rights of people to live independently and with self-determination.  We understand the importance of long-term service and support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and aging adults.

With a combination of highly-trained remote support specialists who are available 24/7 and advanced assistive technologies, we provide the support people need to live independently and peace of mind to the people who love them – knowing that their loved one is safe in their homes and community.

SafeinHome consists of people who believe in independent living, the dignity of choice, and taking part in all aspects of life.  Our staff is interested in making lives better.  Our dedication to being servant leaders to the people we serve is both altruistic and personal.

Person-Centered Solutions

SafeinHome’s Remote Supports is an HCBS service. We work closely with each of our clients and members of their support circle to develop a support plan tailored to their specific needs, desires, and goals.  We create an environment of supported privacy, learning, and independence to get them from where they are to where they want to be.


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