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SafeinHome empowers people to live independently in their own homes and communities using a remote supports staff and assistive technologies.

We make daily living safer while respecting the dignity of choice.

senior and younger woman with autism holding a tomato seedling in their hands and smile. concepts like inclusion and independent living

How it Works

At SafeinHome, we focus on meeting people where they are along their journey to independence. Our highly-trained remote support specialists are equipped to handle a wide array of situations, and each individual receives a personalized care plan specific to their goals and needs.

Girl with Down Syndrome holding a spoon - eating

Person-Centered Solutions

SafeinHome is an HCBS service. Our remote supports plans are centered around each individual. What’s important to them and what is important for them.

Girl with Down Syndrome holding a spoon - eating

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A Life Of Independence

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Meet Stacey and Emily

Independent, and living with a disability.

Rachel's Job, Independence and peace of mind.

Rachel has a job outside of her home, which she shares with her Mother and Father. She desires to have more independent time within the home, without parental supervision, but to do so safely.

Both Rachel and her parents feel more at ease now during the times that Rachel is in the home alone. Rachel is enjoying having some time alone at the house and her parents are happy to support Rachel’s independent time at the home, knowing there are safety measures in place while they are not at the home with Rachel. They are happy with the added level of support, in the form of the GeoComm, should Rachel need support when outside of the home.

Daniel can feel safe in and outside of his home.

Daniel uses a GeoComm to give a sense of security when he is in the community. He feels more confident that he can accomplish what he needs to do in the community when he has the GeoComm with him. He uses our video doorbell to see who is at the door when they ring the doorbell and it allows him to have less anxiety when someone visits. It also allows his parents to view and interact with a visitor via the video doorbell when they are not home which makes them more comfortable leaving Daniel at home.


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