Brandon’s Story

A Journey

Let’s make the dream of independence possible.

The Path to Support Services

Supports Sevices available with these 3 easy steps


We take the time to get to know each person’s hopes, dreams, for a person-centered solution.

Person-centered Solution

We develop a customized solution that meets the needs, choices, and desires of the individual.

Installation & Service

Our installers are locally available to install your support equipment to start your 24/7 service with our Remote Supports Staff.

Support Services Solutions

just a few TO START…

down syndrome couple following recipe on tablet


Our remote support staff can perform check-ins with kitchen activities encouraging learning and decision-making. Our discreet sensor technology can detect smoke, heat or automatically shut off a stove for increased safety.
Medication Dispenser


Remote Supports medication management includes designated check-in times by our remote staff to visually confirm medication intake. Locked medication dispensers remind and distribute medication at specified times.


Overnight Remote Supports combine technology that can detect bed presence, activity, and inactivity in the living space, with live remote support staff to ensure the required safety and desired privacy.



Testimonial persons not actually represented.

As soon as one of the cars pulled in, your team member, Gene called immediately to introduce himself and to inquire if the person truly was the approved caretaker as he did not recognize the face.

I was pleasantly surprised that as a new remote support member, he reached out immediately. I was there and we all exchanged conversation with him to assure things were alright.

Mother of M

“…for the first time, I can picture what Z’s life as an adult will be like!”

Mother of Z

I have noticed a difference in S’s behavior since starting remote support. He attends his day program more. He is more at ease. He enjoys getting to know and talking to the people on the tablet.


Case Manager

I wanted to send another update to show how great remote support is going for B. I met with him yesterday in his home and asked him to show me how he uses his tablet to connect with remote support staff. He was super-fast and within a few seconds, he had staff on the tablet screen chatting with him. He appears content, happy, and healthy!”


Case Manager