By SafeinHome’s Ann Eubank, LMSW, OTR/L, ATP, CAPS

How important is it to feel like someone gets you? Someone who remembers what is important to you and supports your everyday successes. Someone who is always patient even when you are frustrated or irritated and doesn’t hold it against you – Everyone deserves that someone.


Throughout my career of (more years than I am willing to say in this blog) I have met some amazing people, people with disabilities and otherssupporting people with disabilities to be as successful in their lives as possible.


Recently I met a team of Specialists really skilled at supporting people – the SafeinHome Remote Support Specialists. Even with “all my experience” I was inspired by a few things they shared:


  • We feel joy when the people we serve feel joy
  • We love to celebrate everyday successes in real-time
  • Most people smile when they check in – like they are happy to see us
  • We have the privilege to see someone learn and grow – make their own decisions



Learn more about SafeinHome’s Remote Support Specialists at or contact us at855-476-6665.