Feel safe and supported at home

For people with disabilities, feeling safe with their friends, family, and caregivers is essential – like all of us. This is essential if these people support them to live their best lives. According to Disability Justice, people with developmental disabilities are four to ten times more likely to be abused than their peers without disabilities.

What is abuse? How can we stop abuse when we see it? And how can SafeinHome help?


Abuse is a broad term. It is any behavior towards a person that is unwanted, harmful, insulting or makes them afraid. Abuse comes from someone who wants power or control over another person. 

Someone experiencing abuse might be refused access to their doctor or have their medication taken away.  They might be told that their disability isn’t real or regularly be refused help with their daily needs from someone supposed to assist them.  Others may physically hurt them or their service animal. 

Abuse should be stopped as everyone deserves to feel safe and supported.

Remote Supports as a solution

Support from an off-site location reduces the opportunities for abuse as physical abuse cannot happen and all interactions between the remote staff and the people they serve are documented.

Remote supports can be there when the person is sad or scared, or when other services can’t be there – like at night. Remote support can even help other support services, by providing extra care.

SafeinHome is here for you

The Remote Supports Staff at SafeinHome are always here. It is as easy as pressing a button. Our staff thinks about the goals and desires of the people we serve. We provide guidance, and will never tell the people what to do. We encourage decision-making skills to improve daily life and develop more functional skills within their environment. These skills help people more often to identify and resist abuse – and advocate for themselves.

If this sounds right for you, contact SafeinHome today.