“Stuck” After Falling – A Big Problem for Seniors.


35% to 50% of seniors fall each year, a big problem. Being stuck on the floor is an even bigger problem.


50% to 80% Cannot get up without help.

More people get into trouble due to an inability to get up than from falling.

The risk of death doubles when lying on the floor for a long period of time after a fall, regardless of the reason for the fall.


80% improvement in survivial and ability to live independantly when “down” time is minimized after a fall.

Devices that detect immobilty after a fall are crucial for reducing death.

What if a senior falls and is stuck on the floor with no way to get help?
Most seniors don’t wear their emergency alert pendant all the time, if they have one.


In 80% of falls, the senior doesn’t push the button – either because they are too stunned or embarrassed, they forget, or are physically unable.

“Fall detection” alarm pendants don’t “detect” most falls.

SafeinHome can help preserve independence by letting seniors live more safely at home.

“Nothing has happened yet“. Don’t wait till it’s too late.

Most falls among seniors are due to failed attempts at performing daily activities, like walking sitting down, even standing, reaching or turning.

The SafeinHome senior safety system sends mobile device alerts to designated family or friends if the senior may have fallen and cannot move – and the senior doesn’t have to do anything. There are no buttons to press or pendants to forget.


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