What does SafeinHome do?

Collects Information

SafeinHome How It works

Discreet wireless sensors are easily placed around the home and track your parent’s activity. Just peel and stick to install.

Checks for Problems

SafeinHome How It works

The system links to the sensors and sends you real-time data over its built-in cellular network right to your smartphone.

Sends You Information and Alerts

SafeinHome How It works

Receive custom alerts or check on your parent anytime on your smartphone. Add additional users for no extra cost to share responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions people just like you have been asking. Don’t see your question here? Just give us a call or email us and we’ll be happy to help.

1-(855)-isMomOK (855-476-6665) or

We created SafeinHome to care for seniors who live alone and want to remain in their own homes, but it may not be right for everyone.  Our friendly senior care coordinators will work with you to understand your situation and determine SafeinHome is right for your family.  If it isn’t we won’t sell it to you.

No, most seniors don’t want cameras in their home and cameras can’t alert you when something is wrong.  SafeinHome provides real peace of mind without the violation of privacy that cameras bring.

SafeinHome believes so much that our service will help that we don’t have long term contracts. Our care coordinators will tailor a system for your family’s needs and the amount quoted is the amount you pay each month. Like a newspaper, you’re just paying for the next month’s service.  If your circumstances change, just send it back, there’s never a cancellation fee.

SafeinHome was specially designed for a simple, do-it-yourself installation. There is no wiring or drilling required – just peel and stick discreet sensors throughout the home. Need help with your installation? No problem, give us a call and we’ll walk you through the setup process, each step of the way. (855)isMomOK (855-476-6665)

Check out the following short video clips to see how easy it is.

Motion Sensor

Door Sensor

Key Fob


Stove Sensor Set (Kitchen Temperature + Stove Temperature Sensor)

Knowing that you’ll get an alert if something is wrong with your loved one brings great peace of mind.  Our customer support consultants will work with you to tailor the alerts to your senior’s habits.

Wake Up
It’s 10 AM and Mom is still in bed

SafeinHome has not detected any motion in the home in the last four hours

The front door was opened at 9:45 PM

Stove is on and no activity in kitchen for 20 minutes

Mom missed morning pills

Yes, SafeinHome is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

SafeinHome sensors can be configured to ignore motion below a chosen height.  As long as your loved one is taller than his or her pets, SafeinHome will work to protect your loved one.

Your purchase (or lease) is backed by the SafeinHome 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

“If — for any reason or no reason at all — you are not satisfied with your Safe in Home system, Safe in Home will refund your money. All you need to do is call to cancel within 30 days of your delivery date. We will provide you return shipping for your Safe in Home system. Once the system has been returned to us, we will refund your money.”

After 30 days, you are still guaranteed a hassle-free return. Just give us a call and we will terminate your subscription immediately. Call 1-(855)isMomOK (855-476-6665).

Yes, you can add additional sensors at any time. Just give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process. Call 1-(855)isMomOK (855-476-6665)

Adding additional caregivers to check in on your aging loved one is easy and completely free of charge. To add an additional caregiver, just login to your account and create a new user. If you need any assistance, please call 1-(855)isMomOK (855-476-6665).

Yes, with SafeinHome you can monitor multiple seniors as long as they are in different homes. To do so, you will need to lease or purchase an additional system for each additional senior you’d like to monitor.


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