Remembering Disney’s Dean Jones, Boomers Cultural Icon


Dean JonesI feel like I’ve known Dean Jones all my life.

Though I lost track of him over the last 20 or so years — his death still brings back fond memories of my childhood.

Dean Jones was a Disney actor back in the 1960’s and 1970’s who arrived on the scene right around the time Walt Disney passed away, in 1966.

A cultural icon for baby boomers, Jones starred in many memorable Disney films –

The Ugly DachshundHerbie, The Love Bug – 1968

That Darn Cat! – 1965

The Ugly Dachshund – 1966

The Shaggy DA – 1976

We loved Dean Jones for his slapstick comedic genius alongside some of the funniest actors and actresses of our time – Hayley Mills, Michelle Lee, Buddy Hackett, Suzanne Pleshette, and the legendary Tim Conway.

For those who may not have been around in the 1960’s and 70’s who don’t know Dean Jones, here’s what Jones’ publicist said about the man who is truly a Disney legend:

Inducted into the Disney Legends Hall of Fame in 1995, Jones appeared in 46 films, five Broadway shows and numerous TV series and specials over his career. His film grosses exceeded $960 million and six of his ten films for Walt Disney are on Variety‘s all-time hit list, Hoffman said.”

Read more here at US A Today.

Shaggy DAI highly recommend Jones’ movies as pure comedy and pure entertainment on that rainy night when nothing’s on TV or this Labor Day, before your favorite television shows are back for their next season.

RIP Dean Jones. You made me laugh and made those difficult Vietnam War years just a little brighter for this child of the 60’s.

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Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter on Twitter, IMDB

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