Staying Fit and Eating Healthy for Active Aging Week

Italian radicchio, romain salad with dried pomegranates, dry jack cheese & lemon-lime dressing

Italian radicchio, romain salad with dried pomegranates, dry jack cheese & lemon-lime dressing

There are a variety of activities with notable dates associated with them throughout the year. Among them are Active Aging Week and World Alzheimer’s Day – both of which begin today, September 21st.

Activity is a sign of healthy aging. That goes for those of us like me who are 50+ as well as our Moms & Dads who we may care for at home.

Active aging is about fitness and wellness. The mission of Active Aging Week is to celebrate adults aged 50 and older and their contributions to society and community. The week highlights the benefits of an active, healthier life and the ability of older adults to live well — regardless of age, related limitations or health conditions.

There’s an annual one-week series of events promoted by the International Council on Active Aging that takes place every year during the last week in September. Click here to see a webinar describing specialty days and activities.

It all sounds great to me as someone over 50 – but what about Mom?

If Mom is over age 70 or 75, she may not be as active as she once was due to physical limitations – things like knees, hips, elbows, fingers and other joints may inhibit certain activities that used to seem routine.

She also may suffer memory loss or dementia. World Alzheimer’s Day strives to build awareness of this issues for family caregivers. The Alzheimer’s Association is sharing memories about about the disease, like this one from actress Diane Keaton.

So, how do you know that Mom is still being active? Will she reveal her physical and sometimes mental limitations to you if you live far away?

Happy Senior Couple Cycling Using Smart Phone Outside in SunshineHere’s how we can help.

If you subscribe to the SafeinHome system, you can check in on how Mom’s day is progressing, right from your smart phone.

If her routine changes, you’ll be able to set alerts if she’s a little less active.

You can see things like whether Mom is up and around at the usual time or if she forgot and left the stove on. You can also see if she forgot her pills or didn’t close the door on a warm evening.

“Before SafeinHome, we were going to move Mom to assisted living. A friend turned us on to SafeinHome and Mom still lives safely in her home.”

“Mom left the stove on again, but this time I knew because I got an alert. I was able to remind her to turn it off without leaving work.”

“If we didn’t have SafeinHome, my brother and I would have to move Mom out of her home. At 87, a move would kill her.” — Vincent I., SafeinHome Client

New, innovative technology can help us remain active at 50+. Whether its a smart watch that measures every step we take, or SafeinHome reassuring us that Mom’s day is going according to plan, we can stay active and reassured that its OK to take that 3.5 mile walk to the local Farmer’s Market and enjoy the home-grown foods we love.


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