Life after 50 – AARP’s RealPad might be for you!

I had the chance to get to San Diego for AARP’s Ideas@50+ Conference this past week. First on my “to-do” list was attending a media discussion on the debut of the AARP’s first consumer product – the RealPad.

This tablet technology was developed in partnership with Intel Corporation to respond to the needs of some 70 million Americans over age 50. Many of us want to learn to use technology but may be apprehensive about learning, with too many choices and features.

RealHelpIt’s no wonder that the Convention Center was completely abuzz about the new tablet technology tool.

It’s sleek, simple design and ease of use is sure to be a winner with today’s seniors and those of us a little less senior at 50+ who want to learn how to use a tablet.

The tablet, shown here, comes with pre-loaded tutorials and simple to use features. It’s tutorials are in plain language that make it easy to connect with family, browse & shop online, and keep your mind active with a variety of games.

And catch this — it even has built in tech support by clicking a button called RealHelp which teaches you how to get your email, connect to WiFi, use various apps, and get information on how to do a video chat or take photos.

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey plays Rep. Frank Underwood in House of Cards

And customer service never closes – they are available 24/7 for those late night binge watchers of House of Cards who like to also stay connected.

Arjun Batra, Program Manager for Intel’s Business & Innovation Development Group, was clearly proud of the product, stating that the tablet “will enable millions of baby boomers to live the life they want to live.”

Though the energy for the product was evident by AARP’s Executive Vice President for Membership and its Chief Information Officer, I was most impressed by the infectious enthusiasm I saw from AARP’s Director of Corporate Affairs Anne Marie Kilgallon, who gave me a personal demonstration of the product. Ann Marie led the product launch of the RealPad tablet – a first for AARP in direct-to-consumer retail products.

“Everything about it is real – it’s affordable and it reinforces AARP’s mission of offering real possibilities to those 50 and older. We knew there was a market but in the end, it was less about the technology and more about impacting people’s lives.”

AARP gets 10 million unique visitors per month to their website which offers discounts on travel, hotels, insurance, and other products. The tablet will help the organization transport the same information to consumers, in tablet format.

The device is being offered for baby boomers on a budget at $189. You can pre-order it now or stop by your local Wal-Mart in mid-October to get one.

I think I’m going to do that. Why not be an early adapter for a product that makes life a little less complicated and a little more connected?

Also this week: Tune in for more AARP Ideas@50+ Conference Highlights, featuring Kevin Spacey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Randy Jackson, Valerie Harper, LeVar Burton, and more!

Photo & Images, Courtesy AARP


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